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The Treasure Sifter has been on the back burner for a while but I'm considering restarting it this summer. 

Beach  Litter  Sifter

The Treasure Sifter is a great tool to pick up beach litter:  bottles, cans, caps, butts, wrappers, sticks, glass, and bits of plastic, paper, and metal.

Beach   Cleaning   Tools

The Treasure Sifter is a long handle with a unique sifter basket.

The Mighty Sifter is a large bucket with a drilled or screened bottom.   We recommend that you make your own Mighty Sifter with a locally-obtained 5-gallon bucket and a new drill bit that we provide.  Or, cut a hole in a bucket and add a piece of 1/4" hardware cloth.  Shipping buckets is very expensive and we don't have a perfect solution.  


Sand   Drains   Away

Here is a big scoop of sand to show the sand draining away.   In practice, you pick up the debris and a LITTLE sand. 

All metal screens are stainless steel.

   All components (wood, metal, plastic), can be separated for repair, reuse, or recycling.

Mission:  To revolutionize the way small-sized trash is removed from beaches by providing great gear to cleanup groups, municipalities, beach owners, resorts, parks, and individuals.   The gear is fun, efficient, and easy to use. 

History:  This project started as a way for one person to clean his local beach.   The results were so spectacular, we simply had to go worldwide!  

Why Would People Participate:  THEY ALREADY DO, but they use the bend-over-and-bag method, ouch!   Hundreds of thousands of people turn out each year for beach cleanups.   By eliminating the back-bending of old-fashioned litter picking, more volunteers should participate. 

Quality:  The Treasure Sifter is very light;   it weighs less than an average golf club and is designed to last for years.  

Advertiser / Sponsor Opportunity:  The gear provides a suitable media surface to credit an advertiser or sponsor.   This new sponsorship opportunity promotes a "public good" in a fun, intelligent, and non-controversial manner.   

Public Reaction:  The typical reaction is a mixture of shock and gratitude...  that somebody is finally picking up the blizzard of small bits of trash that blanket so many beaches.   The Treasure Sifter is very handy for picking litter in shallow water, from a kayak or other small craft.
What about those $50,000 tractors for beach cleaning:  They have their place but miss lots of small litter.   If your beach has a litter picking tractor,  concentrate on picking up whatever or wherever the tractor misses.

Endangered Wildlife:  Tractor-pulled surf rakes are not suitable in shorebird nesting areas and sea turtle nesting areas.   The Treasure Sifter provides the most efficient and least intrusive way to maintain these areas. 

Donate a Few:  Why not donate a few Treasure Sifters and Mighty Sifters to your town.  You will have a cleaner beach and they will have fewer back strains.   (Claim based on three years of (non-scientific, non-medical) observation picking up 100,000+ bits of trash.)        

Color Scheme:  The gear can be matched to the sponsor's color scheme, for very large orders.   It is obvious to the casual observer that the gear is made for beach cleaning.   When people see the same distinctive gear being used by multiple people, or in multiple locations, it becomes obvious that somebody is backing a concerted effort. 

Deep Digging:  The Treasure Sifter is designed for surface picking and shallow digging;  not deep digging for pirate treasure.   It's fine for recently dropped coins or small metallic objects near the surface. 

Other Uses:  Besides use as a beach sifter, the Treasure Sifter is great for kitty cat litter sifting and other sifting applications.

One person collected 1,500+ small bits of trash in 90 minutes.  
This is an astonishing level of effectiveness!

Price  List

Treasure Sifter (Long Handle with Sifter Basket):  $19.95

Mighty Sifter (5-gallon Bucket with Drilled Bottom):  $19.95

Drill Bit (5/16") to drill your own 5-gallon bucket:  $1.95

Please do all bucket drilling at home, NOT at the beach!   Use a NEW bit!!!

Right now, we are getting Treasure Sifters ready for various Summer 2014 organized beach cleanups.   I am looking for someone to do order taking and fullfillment as I do not have time to do it myself. 

  I'll add a link to ULINE here to order 5-gallon buckets.

Technique  Tips

1.  Hold your Treasure Sifter in one hand.   Hold your Mighty Sifter in the opposite hand.   Switch every 10-20 minutes.

2.  Scoop debris,  one item or many items in succession,  with a LITTLE sand.

3.  Dry sand will drain away very rapidly,  wet sand is clumpy. 

4.  The Treasure Sifter can be rotated left and right (wrist action),  or moved to and fro (arm action),  or the wooden handle (NOT the Sifter Basket),  can be tapped lightly against the top of the Mighty Sifter (with the Sifter Basket OUTSIDE the bucket),  to remove sand from the debris. 

5.  If you find yourself walking around with a scoop FULL of sand and debris, re-read beginning with Tip #02.

6.  Don't worry about removing all sand before dumping the debris into the Mighty Sifter.

7.  When your Mighty Sifter is 1/3 full or just heavy,  use both hands to shake the Mighty Sifter to remove any remaining sand.  Dump most of the debris into a trash can or dumpster and then shake the Mighty Sifter AGAIN before dumping the final debris.   It is important to LEAVE THE SAND ON THE BEACH!   As you are dumping the debris out of the Mighty Sifter, stop and re-shake the Mighty Sifter if you find sand in the debris. 

8.  Scooping accurately adds a fraction of a second but saves time overall,  especially with wet sand.

9.  Do NOT overdo it.   You shouldn't take up any new activity and do it for hours on day one. 

10.  If multiple tasks (beach cleaning, vegetation cleaning, large-debris removal, etc.) are available and you have a group,  rotate all people through all tasks to spread the work load. 

11.  In windy conditions,  scoop lightweight debris (such as granola bar wrappers) with the Treasure Sifter moving INTO the wind,  or the item may tend to blow away.   

12.  Large pieces of fabric and poly film (think supermarket bags) will obstruct the flow of sand in your Mighty Sifter,  so pick up chunky items first,  then pick up fabric and poly film items.   Before you dump fabric and poly film items into the trash, grab them by hand and shake them to remove any trapped sand.   Do NOT send sand to the landfill! 

13.  Each day,  as people walk on the beach and squish the sand around,  old litter will emerge.   It is better to do one hour each day than to try to clean the entire beach in one long day! 

14.  Plastic bottles that are old and severely weathered or encrusted with aquatic crud are trash; do not put them in the recycle bin. 

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